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Press featuring THiiiM’s Clothing


The Gender-Fluid Brand Behind Nico Tortorella's Political Coat

"I will not plead the 5th amendment," reads their trench coat, made by gender-fluid brand TH3M in collaboration with Jeantrix. Their beret and mesh see-through tank are chic Berlin queer club glamour, but the graffiti jacket is giving us a revolution, and yes, it is televised.

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Nico Tortorella Does So Much on the VMAs Red Carpet, There’s Barely Anything Left for the Rest of Us

“Giving you Miami Canadian anarcho-Clueless-punk-summer-reading-list-you-lied-to-your-mom-about-finishing realness, Youngerstar and poet Nico Tortorella wore a sort of political ensemble (designed by Thiiim and hand painted by Jeantrix) comprised of a few choice stanzas to MTV’s VMAs red carpet Monday night.”